Message for Year 2022 Diocesan Welfare Sunday

Shalom, my dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ. My name is James Ng. On behalf of the Anglican Diocesan Welfare and Disaster Relief Board members, I greet you with peace and good health in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

On this occasion of our Diocesan Welfare Week which falls on the first Sunday week of this June month, I would like to take a few moments of your precious time and invite all of you to embark on a short journey of faith and discovery. The works and ministry of our Almighty and ever-loving God, that were established and are still establishing through the years by faithful servants of God are increasingly challenging and revolving through time. The MCO (Movement Control Order) due to the Covid -19 pandemic over the years of 2020-2022 has brought about a new perspective in our zeal and dedication to the service of our Lord God. As we learn and adopt new ways of communicating with each other, may our Lord God forgive us for not showing enough mutual love for each other through physical contact. As yet, our hearts yearn to reach out to others, to tell them that we still care and love them just as they are.

1. One important aspect that was especially missing from our Welfare Board ministry throughout this MCO has been the organizing of Medical/Dental Mission Camps to the interior parts of Sabah. This setback should be temporary and it will be prolonged for a little while more as the Covid-19 endemic situation improves gradually. When the time is right, we will continue with what we had left off back then.      

2. Sabah Prison Fellowship – the Welfare Board has been giving annual grants to support their work and ministry amongst fellow prisoners, past and present. Out of respect for the privacy of each individual inmate concerned, we are not able to show you any photos or videos but we want to encourage you all to remember them in your prayers, for our brother, Mr. Prem Kumar and his committee, for their on-going ministry works amongst the former and present prisoners. 

3. The Seguntor Alternative Learning Centre ran by St Michael’s Church, Sandakan & the Kundasang Community Learning Centre ran by St. Paul’s Church, Ranau are each presently supported by our Welfare Board with an annual grant for a number of years already for their educational ministry amongst the undocumented children of foreign workers. Both centres have resume operation since this year 2022 after two disruptive years. 

4. Education –the Welfare Board provides a one-time study grant to local institutes of higher learning for ten (or more if the need arises) eligible and deserving students on a first come first serve basis annually. Parents’ total income of less than RM1,500.00 per month is eligible to apply. All application forms can be obtained from the priest in charge of their respective parishes within our diocese and all completed forms are to be submitted to the local parish priest to vet through and subsequently, to forward them to the Welfare Board for further decision making and subject to final approval by our Bishop.

5. Financial Assistance – the Welfare Board provides various financial assistances to disaster-stricken members of our diocese. We also provided some funds to flood victims in Tenom and Penampang, KK areas last year. Food Baskets assistance were distributed to the needy parishioners and friends within our diocese last year in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Medical related assistance will also take into consideration on a case to case basis.

6. Community related projects – From time to time, the Welfare Board will identify worthy project(s) to be implemented within our diocese to alleviate and remedy the personal, social and economic life of all Diocesan members. One area we are earnestly looking into is Food Security/Food Production. Our Sabah State Government has been encouraging those of us with vacant land to cultivate them and/or rear animals to lessen food imports which are increasingly costly by the year. God has given us, Sabahans, with abundant and fertile lands and it is such a waste if we don’t make full use of it.     

As the Welfare Board mission is to reach out to assist and bless more people who are in need, let us all continue to uphold the Board wholeheartedly in prayers and with strong financial support through our generous offerings. You may contribute through your local church by using a church or normal envelope and mark it “For Diocesan Welfare Fund”. Alternatively, you may transfer or bank in your offerings through DIOCESE OF SABAH HSBC Account No. 392-013397-001 or RHBB Account No.2101 03 0000 9829 and mention “For Diocesan Welfare Fund from …….name of Church”.  Kindly send your bank in slip to our Diocesan Account Department via Whatsapp @ 016-833 3371 or through email:

May we gladly bless others who are in need just as the Good Lord has been a great blessing to us. My Board members and I would like to thank you all for your faithful contribution towards God’s ministry. Praise the Lord!!

In Christ we serve The Chairman of Diocesan Welfare and Disaster Relief Board

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