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Merdeka Day Greetings from Archbishop Melter Jiki Tais

31st August is the Independence Day of Malaysia. This is a significant day which marks the nation being free from colonization to be an independent nation. A day of great rejoicing because the nation is now free to choose her destiny and live out her unique nationhood identity. On this Merdeka Day of Malaysia, we […]

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Archbishop’s Guidelines for Online Holy Communion

Preparation for Online Holy Communion (Anglican Diocese of Sabah) 线上圣餐崇拜的预备 (圣公会沙巴教区) Prepare the Service – announce the occasion, maximise the attendance, only these Services are authorized by the Archbishop 崇拜预备 – 报告线上圣餐崇拜的通知,尽量鼓励所有人参与,只有这线上圣餐崇拜是由大主教授权的。 Prepare the Table – ready elements before the Service; bread – can be common bread or biscuit, wine – can be common wine […]

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"This collect wonderfully combines the teaching of Paul (Romans 13:10) that love is the fulling of the law, with the commandment of Jesus. Our human heart is such that there is only a single strength to our love—we love God, self, and others in the same way. We cannot love God and treat others disdainfully."
—Comment on this Collect by the Revd Bosco Peters: liturgy.co.nz/reflection/634.html

"Doa khas ini menggabungkan dengan begitu indah ajaran St Paulus (Roma 13:10) bahawa kasih adalah kegenapan hukum, dengan perintah Yesus. Hati manusia kita hanya mempunyai sejenis kekuatan dalam kasih kita—kita mengasihi Allah, diri sendiri, dan sesama kita dengan cara yang sama. Kita tidak dapat mengasihi Allah dan melayan orang lain dengan tidak sopan."
—Komen mengenai Doa Khas ini oleh Revd Bosco Peters: liturgy.co.nz/reflection/634.html
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