Diocesan Chinese & English Senior Citizens Retreat—22-24 July 2019

On 22-24 July, the 7th Diocesan Chinese & English Senior Citizens Retreat will be held at St James’ Anglican Church, Kudat. The theme this year is “Fan Into Flame,” based on 2 Timothy 1:6, which connects with the vision of increasing the influence of senior citizens in the family, the church and society. The response so far has been very enthusiastic and has exceeded expectations, with 350 people having signed up in just one week.

The conference will begin with Bishop Datuk Melter J. Tais delivering the opening sermon. Among the invited speakers are Bishop Yong Ping Chung, Bishop Yong Chen Fah and Rev Dr Lee Tak Vui from the Basel Church. There will also be an outing to visit the St Paul’s Church Gallery and the Tip of Borneo, as well as to sample Kudat cuisine. Let us pray for Revd James Yap, the coordinator, Canon Chak Sen Fen, the chair of the organising committee and the rest of the committee, as well as that those who attend will be strengthened in body and mind, and fanned into flame to contribute to the family, the church and the society. All glory to God. Amen!


在开幕礼的晚宴,我们邀请沙巴教区Melter Tais会督为我们进行开幕以及证道。另外,我们所邀请的讲员有杨平忠会督,杨振华会督以及来自巴色会的李德威牧师(博士)。另外,我们将率领乐龄弟兄姐妹们参观圣保罗堂纪念馆和Tip of Borneo等等的旅游景点,并预备古达美食来招待大家。在此,让我们为叶国威牧师(协调员),翟先宏法政牧师(筹委会主席)与他的筹委会员代祷,以致乐龄出席者能够在身心灵得到帮助,并继续“如火挑旺”地影响我们的家庭,教会与社会,并将一切荣耀都归于上帝!阿们。