ATI Semester 1, 2016

15 February – 12 March 2016
All Saints’ Cathedral

After a year of adjustments with the courses, Anglican Training Institute (ATI) is entering the new residential studies with confidence. ATI residential studies Semester 1 was successfully run from 15 February to 12 March 2016.

ATI is always focused on behavioral, mental and physical discipline. ATI schedules an assembly every Monday to learn more about the students. Through weekly assemblies, the attitude and progress of the students are monitored, including spiritual caring and teachings. In this semester, the principal used a chart to teach about “priority” and “important” matters; an unforgettable lesson for the students and staff to learn about making better planning for studies and ministry.

The welcome dinner at Bishop’s House kick started the semester with warmth and joy. Bishop gave the students good advice through his “3G (Glory, Gold, Girl)” message; praying and hoping that in their ministry, the students will not fall into the temptations of glory, money and sex.

ATI would like to extend their gratitude not just to the invited lecturers such as Rev Dr Lee Tak Vui, Rev Nelly Van Kempen, Pastor Patricia Galidau and Pastor Vivienne Voon, but also to the passionate local lecturers who were willing to spend time in reading and managing their busy pastoral ministry in preparation for the lectures.

Credit goes to Rev Chin Pit Vun who made the effort in arranging sports session for the students three times per week. ATI requires the students to participate in sports; this not only helps the students, who are in ministry and studies to be healthy and strong but also in building up their teamwork and leadership skills.

In order to provide those who are interested opportunities to learn and to be equipped, ATI enrolment is open year round for new students. For more information, please visit: /; or call: 016-826 6641/ 088-344 145.