Encounter: Diocesan English-Chinese Youth Camp—11-14 June 2018

– 异象 ision
‘Encounter’ means to meet and experience God.

– 为什么要参加青少年营会?(Why we have to join youth camp?)
How we invest our lives will determine the value of life, and the right investment must be based on the right perspective of life. Jesus said He is the Way, the Truth, the Life, therefore the meaning and purpose of life is in Him. ‘Youth’ is one of the shortest period in life, but has the most potential; youth camp is the right, meaningful and fun-filled investment.

– 此次营会的特点 Camp Features
每一年营会的经历都是不一样,没有重复性的经历,都是历史性的一刻。除了能够建立对未来有益处的长久友谊,今年也是第一次 整个沙巴教区 中英联合的营会,而且是在久违的地点,亚庇进行。
The experience in youth camp is different every year, there is no repetition of experience, they are all historical moments. Not only long-lasting friendships that are beneficial in the future can be built, but this year is also the first time where Chinese and English youths of the whole Diocese of Sabah come together for youth camp in the long-awaited location, Kota Kinabalu.