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Decade of Evangelism and Discipleship (2018-2028)

2018: Year of Sowing

2020: Year of Reaping

2022: Year of Sharing

2024: Year of Blessing

2026: Year of Celebration


沙巴敎區中文禱告大會 2019 | Diocesan Chinese Prayer Conference 2019

沙巴敎區中文禱告大會=禱告與復興 三月1-3日亞庇仁愛堂 三月5-7日斗湖聖巴特堂 將一切榮耀尊貴歸與我們的主,我們的神,因祂在大會開始時將瑪拉基書一章十一節釋放祂的恩竉和祝福。 在這大會,主使用講員藉聖靈的恩膏,又清楚敎導,也禱告服事那些回應呼召的,所選的詩歌也合時,也突破整個大會所期待的。 專注聖靈的服亊也帶來更新,醫治和釋放. 各牧者同工們分享他們禱告生命的旅程,也非常好和鼓勵許多的人,這激發更多的人信心的禱告,再禱告,永不放棄。阿們。 This year’s Diocesan Chinese Prayer Conference was held at two locations, that is, at the Church of Good Samaritan, Kota Kinabalu from 1-3 March and at St Patrick’s Church, Tawau from 5-7 March. Let us give the glory and honour due to the Lord, who from the beginning […]

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Lenten Meditations 2019

The Anglican Diocese of Sabah has produced devotional notes for the season of Lent. These notes, written by Revd Canon Kenneth Thien Su Yin, are intended to help individuals in their daily meditations and prayer during this 40-day season in which Anglicans together with other Christian brothers and sisters fast and pray in preparation for […]

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The Diocesan Clergy and Pastors' Retreat and Conference has been going on at All Saints' Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu since Wednesday, and will end this evening. A group of priests from the Episcopal Church of the Philippines are attending the retreat and conference as observers. Praise the Lord for this opportunity for the shepherds of our Diocese to gather and worship God as well as prayerfully plan for the year ahead.

Retret dan Konferensi Paderi dan Pastor Diosis sedang berlangsung sejak hari Rabu di Katedral All Saints, Kota Kinabalu dan akan tamat malam ini. Sekumpulan paderi daripada Gereja Episkopal Filipino sedang menyertai retret dan konferensi ini sebagai pemerhati. Puji Tuhan untuk peluang ini bagi para gembala Diosis kita berkumpul dan menyembah Tuhan bersama-sama serta berdoa dan merancang bagi tahun ini.
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